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Youtuber Explains Rehoming Autistic Adopted Son

Youtuber Micha Stauffer is facing backlash after revealing her adopted autistic son is now living with a new family the last couple months have been like the hardest thing I the influencer has joined by husband James Stouffer as she tells her over 700 thousand YouTube subscribers that their adopted son Huxley is no longer living with them.

The couple struggles to hold back tears as they candidly detail their decision to rehome the toddler you know with international adoption sometimes there’s unknowns and things that are not transparent on files and things like that and once Huxley came home there was a lot more special needs that we weren’t aware of in that we were not told the peridot that Huxley from China back in 2017 and in a blog written by Micah for the bump.

She explains that he was profoundly developmentally delayed in addition to a brain cyst and brain tumor Huxley was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder level 3 after returning to the States but the decision to rehome is getting backlash with some criticizing the couple for featuring Huxley prominently in their videos and social media in the years prior to moving him in with another family.

Micah insists they tried to make it work do I feel like a failure as a mom like 500 percent so when they get like insidious hurtful comments it just like really makes her hurt whereas she insists Huxley is okay he is thriving he is very happy he’s doing really well and his new mommy has medical professional training and it is a very good fit.

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