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Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” Music Video Is All About Touching

Harry Styles released his juicy new video for the summer the singer just dropped the long-awaited visuals for his single watermelon sugar and it’s full of heat the music video starts with the disclaimer this video is dedicated to touching the dreamy visual show Haryana Beach really enjoying some watermelon with friends donning retro inspired swimwear the group gets close while Harry sings about well fruit between juicy bites and suggestive lyrics the video is pretty heavy with innuendo it’s given us major flashbacks to Miley’s fruit moment.

During Harry’s tiny desk appearance earlier this year the singer gave details on how the song came about revealing that he borrowed the title from a book he saw in his recording studio at the time Harry also explained that the song is about the euphoria of when you first liked someone and the excitement that comes from the attraction while most of us can’t roll around on the beach with our closest friends right now watermelon sugar is a wishful summer escape Harry reminds us all that we should still be responsible during the pandemic tweeting do not try this at home practice social distancing thanks Harry we’ll be keeping cool at home.

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