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Get Zendaya’s Virtual Red Carpet Look With Law Roach

Big question of the weekend what do you wear to a virtual award show santa roberts rossi talked to zendaya as stylist law roach to find out it’s incredible it’s like a totally surreal kind of dream life experience it’s sunday’s first nomination for best actress what does the image architect laureate put on zendaya for her first nomination at an emmy.

When it’s going to be at home streamed from her living room to our living room we’ve been really up in the air about it um do we dress up do we not dress up um you know do we celebrate do we not celebrate you know um i think more than anything she’s really happy to be nominated and to be recognized for euphoria and her performance on there.

I’m just reaching for something to make it all seem meaningful i won’t tell too much might have a dress we might not have addressed where are we at today what’s the gauge today we at like are we in like chanel pajamas are we in a prada gown um you know she’s in probably you know some just no name sweats honestly what her dog on the sofa somewhere you know so there’s very like.

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