Todd Chrisley Describes Coronavirus Experience




We were doing okay Todd you know I’m doing so much better Jason I’ll tell you it was probably these no not probably it was the sickest that I have ever been in my fifty-two years and I could not for three a little over three weeks a little over three weeks I was so deathly ill that I mean I was in the hospital for four days and you know of course they can’t give you anything and you know it’s not very fashionable in the hospital because I mean you just go and what in your sweats and you had an ID I had no really you know I know really attractive people around me.

I wasn’t attracted you’re crazy and but it was truly one of the worst sicknesses that I have ever had I mean this corona Hoshi has got to get yes so let’s go back because it’s been about a month and Savannah we saw your post I didn’t know anything until a few days before you posted that cuz Todd I was just texting with you checking in I’m like hey you want to come on the show and you’re like I’m fighting this right now and I was shocked because not a peep from you and I know posting and any sort of social media is the last thing on your mind when you’re really sick but when did you start getting the symptoms and what did you feel.

When I started it was our nanny got here cursed and then and I already told her she’s not allowed to talk to me because she’s but I started just not feeling well and I had a headache and Jason I have never and what I’m getting ready to say is going to be baffling to the world to have raised these five heathens that I’ve raised and never had a headache is amazing but I’ve never had a headache really never I’ve never taken medicine for a head ain’t nothing but my head started hurting and I’m like I think I have a headache and I told you Lee and so I went lay down and the next morning I was like freezing.

I took a shower I couldn’t get warm and then I was just kind of aching all over and then on the next day I was so physically sick that like not just like I could not move and my fever kept going from 99 to 101 and then it at night you know wake up and I would be sweating so I was like okay I must have been the flu because now my fever broke and then the next day it would start creeping back up and it was just the same thing and then when my fever got to 103 to 103 Judah said we’re going to the emergency well see I know we’re going and – I’m gonna preface this by saying we got no special treatment it wasn’t like oh there was a shortage of tests and he got one no and I’m getting special treatment.

I’m sure you’re in the middle of it that’s exactly what you want yes very well supplied they have everything and they even asked me if I wanted to get tested since I’ve been around him and I told them I just said no because there was no need like that wasn’t showing symptoms so I take a test from someone that could use it but he went and he got to test and then we waited a week until we got the results back and then I think it was that next day where you ended up going to the hospital but I’m telling you I freaked out.

I was desperate like I was when we didn’t hear from him well mom says she started calling the hospital she was freaking out but she said I’m sorry she told the dirt she said I’m sorry but when he doesn’t respond to me or his mother that’s one thing but when he doesn’t respond to Savannah and got something completely different so I need to I need to speak to him but it was that waiting period like you’re waiting for a week wondering is happening though in the United States we have to wait five days or six days for a damn test resolved yeah I mean we’re in ink we’re in this I mean what we’re dealing with right now I’ve never dealt with either I mean you can’t go anywhere there’s no restaurants open there’s I mean literally by the time that my family leaves this house after this quarantine but the first time since this show began people are not gonna recognize us botox is wearing off roots are showing and we know what it’s gonna do the hell we are yeah I a for a second it took me.

I didn’t know I I didn’t even recognize you I thought it was chase okay you and Lauren we’re great man you know we’ve heard so many stories and I’m trying to be smart when it comes to watching the news and not watching too much news because you know your thoughts get the best of you and you just start freaking out so we’ve been doing these at home in the room insta live interviews with friends and family and extended friends and it’s been great because so many people they feel entertained by it it’s it’s a nice little slice of I guess fun and something light during the day when things are just so incredibly hard and you know when you start hearing of friends getting it can’t let you we get worried I mean Savannah you were just in the middle of saying it was the scariest time of your life scariest three days of your life I joke around about the whole thing.

But when he was in Vanderbilt at Vandy hospital I can only imagine those feelings that you were experiencing when Dad was in there not knowing you couldn’t be next to him oh I was freaking out because I talked to him literally like 10 times a day if I clean yeah so if I don’t hear from him by 10 a.m. I’m like okay something’s wrong and I texted and I’m like why am I not heard from you and I literally ever since I moved out I have not gone to bed a night without a good night I love you text so dad what’s the hardest thing for me and I finally just broke down not just in tears.

I didn’t know what to do I went I took food food to the hospital and it has food Kate brought up they’re thinking they’re gonna let her come on that wasn’t happening it was so secured they literally have just a wing of the hospital for the köppen 19 patients and like there’s no way you’re getting in so I wish it I mean I was freaking out I didn’t know what to do I didn’t know what to say I mean there’s nothing we could do um so whenever he was I mean whenever you got home we were all like thank God and then he started getting his personality back and which is not shocking either and she said I hear karamakov but yeah we got a yes what was the time like in the hospital for you you’re there by yourself I’m sure you just have a lot of time to look around I’m sure he’s not slept the whole time because my favor was so high and I don’t remember I don’t remember being in the hospital Jason um I’m sure you know I made the joke you I’m not surrounded by beautiful people but how the hell but I know I mean I was asleep but if they had a mascot um bat and I’ve had people in my life that should have had a mascot but um you know I don’t remember that time.

I remember leaving the hospital I came home I got a shower and then I got in bed and I stayed in bed for a week I mean literally another week and I would get up every day and take a shower because I mean I felt like if I could just keep get back in my routine back I will tell you that you know everyone knows that you know that I’m a very faithful man that I’m a Christian and I will tell you that during that time of being in the hospital I dreamed about my dad you know who his past and I could see him holding his hand out and I kept trying to get his hand but the more out the closer I try to get to his hand the further away he would get and it caused me you know you know after I got home and kind of trying to understand everything I don’t through you know it caused me to go back and sit down with my wife and say you know we’ve been together for 25 years but if God takes me I know where I’m darling so don’t grieve for me because I know where I’m going he even sent me a text and said I think I’ve come to the realization that like I’m closer to leaving than I am staying so to me that like that said a lot.