Kylie Jenner’s Split From Travis Scott, Justin Timber lake Cheating and More Shocking Moments of 2019




2019 was a doozy for celebrities between the hookups breakups candles and just plain weirdness we’re leaving this decade with tons to talk about Happy Holidays you guys it’s Susan we’re out here with clever news and we thought we’d get ready for the new year by counting down the top 10 most shocking moments of 2019 and let me tell you this was a tough list to make so many celebrity moments that happened this year really made our eyes widen are you ready to take a walk down memory lane let’s kick it off with a scandal that actually happened pretty recently.

We were shocked to discover that one of our beloved Hollywood couples could be on the rocks when Justin Timber lake was caught holding hands with his parma coaster Alicia Wainwright during a drunken night in New Orleans both parties denied any affair and Justin issued an apology to his wife of seven years Jessica Biel he started by saying he likes to stay away from gossip as much as he can and that he should have known better he also wrote on Instagram this is not the example I want to set for my son speaking of gossip.

This moment from the 2019 Oscars got everyone talking about Lady gaga and Bradley Cooper whether a star is born lovers an item in real life were they cheating on their respective partners they said no but not long after the Oscars both their long-term relationships fizzled Bradley and model arena she called it quits after four years and a daughter together Lady Gaga and her fiance Christian Kirino called off their engagement and while both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have since clarified there was never anything romantic going on between them.

It was still one of the most shocking moments of 2019 the celeb world all came together over another shocking moment ASAP rocky was imprisoned in Sweden after a street fight the bizarre case had many of Aesop’s high-profile friends calling for the rapper’s release including Justin Bieber Nicki Minaj post Malone and Kendall Jenner even President Trump got involved a sharp Rakhi is a situation in Sweden ASAP was eventually convicted of assault but was released from prison without further jail time and returned to the United States moving on some shocking news from the Kardashian.

West’s family both Kim and Kanye announced some pretty surprising career changes after getting very involved in u.s. prison reform Kim announced that she’s studying to become a lawyer that’s quite a shift in career goals there were big changes for Kim’s husband Kanye to after leading his own Sunday service for several months Kanye released Jesus’s King a gospel album the kardashian-west household sure went through some growth in 2019 speaking of growth Nicki Minaj shocked her fans with her own personal developments.

This year in September the rapper made this announcement via Twitter I’ve decided to retire and have my family I know you guys are happy now to my fans keep repping me do it till the death of me ex in the box cuz ain’t nobody checking me love you full life just a month later she married her high school sweetheart Kenneth petty and has been very vocal about wanting to have a baby but the whole retirement thing seems to still be up in the air as Nicki can’t seem to stay away from releasing music Heidi’s personal life also made headlines in 2019 when she and Travis Scott announced their breakup but both the reality star and rapper swear.

They’re still friends and I focused on co-parenting their adorable daughter stormy Webster who turns two in February another breakup that sent shockwaves through Hollywood Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth filed for divorce just eight months after saying I do not to mention their decade-long relationship before getting married after the divorce announcement Miley continued to shock everyone with her brief word juicy fling with Palin Carter and then PDA filled current relationship with Cody Simpson alright guys we’re in the homestretch of our top three most shocking celebrity moments of the year any guesses well this list certainly wouldn’t be complete without Taylor Swift who was the most shocked to learn that the majority of her life’s work now belongs to celebrity music manager Scooter Braun.

It all happened when her former label Big Machine label was sold I knew he would sell my music I knew he would do that I couldn’t believe who he sold it to because we’ve had endless conversations about scooter brah Taylor plans to rerecord her masters in 2020 though and that is something we cannot wait for this next scandal not only shocked Hollywood but the entire country when we learned that Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman and full House’s Lori Loughlin were involved in a Colin mission cheating ring that really shocked the nation the actresses reportedly spent thousands of dollars to cheat their daughters in two prestigious universities one of those daughters just happen to be youtuber and influencer Olivia Jade who is minted into USC on an athletic rowing scholarship although she’d never ever wrote in her life.

Olivia was dropped from huge collaboration deals including Sephora and she disappeared from social media for months but just a few weeks ago everyone was shocked again when Olivia made her long-awaited return to YouTube where all the story is I’ve missed you guys so much and I’m just really excited to start filming again and to start uploading it.

I really hope you enjoy the box by now you probably know the number one most shocking celebrity moment of 2019 it involves love cheating deception and a whole ton of drama we’re of course referring to the Tristan Thompson and Jordan woods kissing scandal taking it all the way back to February Jordan and Tristan were hanging out at his place when the NBA star kissed Kylie Jenner’s ex-bff after a whirlwind 24 hours of rumors Chloe confronted Tristan about the kiss and he confessed and their relationship ended and Jordan dealt with the whole thing and cleared up other more sinister rumors did you sleep with Tristan never nearly a year later and everyone is still feeling the damage from that shocking night Jordan and Kay’s friendship is essentially over Chloe and Tristan are still apart but co-parenting their daughter true and everyone is still talking about it just recently.

A footage was released by read.table talk of Jordan taking a lie-detector test back in February when everything happened did you have sexual intercourse with Tristan Thompson no fully 2019 is where the drama of that incident lays to rest because it’s definitely been one of the most talked-about the 20 or 19 and I’m sure everyone is ready to move on well what a year it’s been for celebrities.