Travis Scott ‘Ghostwriter’ Exposed After Sicko Mode Reference Track Leaks




Drake is denied a copyright plus kravis scott allegedly got more help with sicko mode than fans thought starting with nos

recall last week we told you about the rapper’s new song ultra black that took a shot at dozia cat in the lyrics

well the track left twitter split half gave nasa he’s a legend excuse while the other half slammed him for dissing a

woman much younger than him but despite how fans felt the disc didn’t seem to bother doja much the say so singer took to tick-tock to

react by trolling the entire situation i can’t play the clip because of copyright reasons but ultra black

can be heard playing in the background while dosia says i am so offended and upset about this song

then she pauses for a second before completely ignoring ultra black and saying have you guys heard fruit salad by the wiggles

and speaking of trolling let’s talk about six nine egging on some of his enemies on the west coast and calling la his city you’re just so beautiful

like they they love me here you know what i’m saying look in my city take a look at my city beautiful

how does it look amazing that’s my city right there y’all remember i remember they said i couldn’t come out here murphy

and by the way if you’re trying to pause the video on the screenshot by the time i uploaded this i’m already gone

adding to this slim 400 took to social media to show off his new f6 9 tattoo and reacted to the rapper acting tough in l.a.

She would hope you’re the biggest clown chaser ever tomorrow who do you love i swear to god boy if you had a

my body boy i wouldn’t be in vegas to drake now the rapper announced last friday that his new album will be titled

certified leverboy however he reportedly won’t be able to trademark the title according to complex

an attorney named robert kleinman filed a trademark application for the phrase for the possible use of music clothing television movies live events etc.

Kleinman won’t reveal to complex if this was about drizzy but he has reportedly been the attorney for dozens of drake related trademarks in the past

the reason the trademark was denied is due to likelihood of confusion this is because a michigan clothing company lovers lane registered loverboy

for things like underwear then there’s a possibility of confusion because of the band lover boy who made the 80s hit

working for the weekend it’s important to mention this denial doesn’t mean drake has to change the name of his

album though the trademark would just provide legal protections against counterfeit merch and things like that

however there’s still time for jersey to work out a consent agreement with lover boy in lovers lane

so we will see what happens but okay to travis scott now on saturday reference tracks leaked online that reportedly prove

sci-high the prince laid the groundwork for travis’s biggest hit sicko mode as well as coffee bean

however i’m not sure why this is a big deal or why this shocked so many people saihai is a credited writer on multiple

songs for astroworld an album that is far from brand new at this point references tracks are a songwriter’s way of communicating their

idea to the artist who then will perform it in the final recording almost like a storyboard in filmmaking.