Tory Lanez Reacts To Megan Thee Stallion Drama After Being Exposed?




Tory lanez allegedly reacts to a tweet about his situation with megan the stallion plus now’s reacts to dogecat feud rumors starting with knobs

recall the rapper threw some shade at dojicat in a new song and she reacted by revealing she will be dropping a track

of her own that when abbreviated spells nas this caused some rumors that she would be dissing the queensbridge rapper but according to him it’s quote all love

on his side of things not spoke to power 106 and said quote i just really was thinking of a run that rhymed with ultra black i didn’t even

think of it it’s all love it was just like michael black’s in black it’s bars it’s lines we play with words now let’s switch gears to the tory lanes and megan

the stallion incident recall last week meg went live and accused tori of being the one that shot her in the foot

so since y’all hoes so worried about it yes this guitori shot me you shot me and you got your publicist and your people

going to these blogs lioness following meg’s video many fans and celebs took to social media to voice.

Their opinions on the matter like jojo who’s similar to kalani announced she is taking tory lanez off the deluxe version of her album

chance the rapper also offered meg his support and said quote.

I hope meg really gets the justice for what tori did to her and that we all learn from this how near and constant and serious the threat of

lethal violence and abuse is for every black woman adding to this wac 100 took to social media to defend meg against snitch

claims and said quote at this stallion is a civilian she can’t be classified as a snitch civilians tell

the truth and finally let’s talk about tory lanez allegedly reacting to the claims the shave room posted a tweet from

former nfl player larry johnson that seemingly sided with tory and the canadian rapper was caughtliking the post

however it’s important to mention that this could have been an accidental like as well as a like from someone on tory’s team who runs his account.