Selena Gomez Cries To Billie Eilish Music & Ariana Grande Shades TikTok Star




Ariana grande and her tik-tok impersonator Paige Neiman called each other out Demi Lovato reacts to being cancelled on

Twitter Plus Selena Gomez cries of her Bailey Island

This is Mike Lauren teen doing nothing move on that note Universal Music Group released their new project called we’ve

got you covered which aims to raise funds for those of the music industry who are less fortunate during this

crisis so you can protect yourselves afford your favorite artists like The Weeknd Justin Bieber Ariana Grande and

Billy Eilish while helping others in need and speaking of Billy Eilish he and Phineas reveal one of their songs was

never meant to be released according to Yahoo entertainment during Verizon pay afford live series the two admitted

ocean eyes was a gift to their dance instructor friend apparently Fred knew they produce music way before their fame and asked if they

could create a new song to choreograph to the song which was released on soundcloud was only put there to give fred access to it moving

on to Selena Gomez now because she revealed she’s cried to Billy’s song everything I ever wanted.

She says she already knows of what the industry can be and become and when I heard that song I just sobbed because

I’ve been doing this for so long and it’s like damn that’s so true there’s so many moments where I was just like oh it

doesn’t matter who you are these moments in my life that’s like is this it she deserves every single thing she got and

has she’s an amazing amazing artist moving on the Demi Lovato because she seems to have responded to the whole.

Demi Lovato is over controversy for call Selena Gomez fans took out their virtual pitchforks claiming Debbie’s alleged

secret intagram account was exposed which littered with post bashing the rare singer there was even more

confusion SSL’s fans began to defend Demi saying someone in their own fanbase decided to create the drama out of nut

thing anyway Demi responded while speaking on actress Jameela Jamil podcast saying I’ve been cancelled so

many times that I can’t even count the hashtag Demi is over party that whole thing it’s just like it doesn’t even

affect me anymore Demi then spoke on her hopes to promote forgiveness culture to show support to

people who can change and become better on – ariana grande verse her look-alike tick tock star page meme it some time

ago ariana revealed she found it weird seeing page doing impersonations from her scenes on Victorious well she’s now

brought the topic back up after she shared a video from filmmaker Jordan first men who was doing his impression

of tick tock means Jordan talked about how the impressions degrade and devalue art and the work people put into music

movies and media all for quick viral video memes Ariana then elaborated sharing a message which read oMG can

this please also double as your impression of the ponytail tick-tock girls who think that doing the cat

valentine voice and wearing winged eyeliner and a sweatshirt is doing a good impersonation of me cuz that’s how

it really feels Paige then replied about the comments during a live stream revealing she’s no longer a fan and

she’s used to Ariana shading her now man in a month Ariana and Billy are about to do this fusion dance.