Scott Disick & Sofia Richie Break Up Again – Kourtney Kardashian Involved?




momager kris jenner selling her house in the hidden hills to the heiress of cody inc considering their connection it does kind of sound like she lost some type of

poker bet but that’s definitely not the case so chris’s house once cost nine million dollars but she sold it

to the cody heiress for 15 million dollars she needs to be on an episode of flip it like disick now to kendall jenner’s rumored romance with nba star devin

booker we’re hearing exclusively she’s having fun with devin and seeing where it goes but she’s not seeing anyone else and neither is he

we’re hearing kendall’s usually on crazy schedule and that doesn’t really leave her much time to give

up but covet has obviously changed things things are simple between kendall and devin there’s no drama or games and he gets

along with her friends very well kudos to these two but the lack of drama in their relationship friendship or whatever they’re calling.

It makes it just a tiny bit boring to talk about now briefly to kim yey because although they’re working on their marriage.

It looks like they’re gonna continue to live separately people mag reports kanye is still focused on his campaign and kim can’t see herself living with

the kids in wyoming just yet see told you it was gonna be brief on to scott and courtney now confusing the hell out of fans

recall many reports debunked the two are getting back together amid his split with sophia then scott got back with sophia then

decided to take it easy again according to more recent reports well according to enu scopia’s relationship hasn’t been

great with him spending time away to vacation with courtney and their kids apparently this is when issues between scott and sophia started to surface

and it doesn’t help that scott is always making flirtatious comments on courtney’s post the pooch founder posted

this photo captioned lakia and scott commented what a laker whack did i pronounce either of those right either way puns like this are just

bad for my health.