Megan Thee Stallion Exposes Tory Lanez In New Video




Megan the stallion goes off on tory lanez in a video you have to see doji cab might be dropping a nas dizz plus we got updates on rihanna’s lawsuit against her father

starting with the fact that we got new as jay-z and pharrell today only way this could have been better is if kanye still made music that was good and then

he put that out today unfortunately that’s not the case so let’s move on because speaking of dropping new music doja cat is apparently

going to drop a new song called nas here’s what she had to say about that the song that i , i have coming out is called nas but only if you abbreviate it it’s three

words which is funny.

It’s kind of it’s kind of nice now this of course seems to be in response to not shading her on the song ultra black but this could also have nothing to do with

him similar to her last reaction but right now time for a segment i like to call is six nine still trolling his enemies i’ve been outside every single day

doing shit i said i couldn’t do yes yes he is moving on to rihanna the blast reports the singer will have to wait a little longer

before the lawsuit between her and her father can be resolved recall riri is suing her father and his company fenty entertainment accusing.

Them of profiting off her name without permission according to legal docs

obtained by the site a federal judge in california has ordered the trial date of august 22nd to be vacated and rihanna and her father have been asked to propose

alternative dates for the start of the trial the original date was june 23rd but that got pushed to august 22nd with the hopes that by

now the pandemic would have been calmed down but seeing that we’re still in a global crisis it got pushed together and speaking of rihanna she has a look

alike out there on social media and she actually reacted to it the shade room posted a clip of her doppelganger and she responded

where the album says r9 i know a joke about her holding r9 hostage but like i really do enjoy the way she trolls fans about it and finally let’s talk about megan the

stallion because after being fairly mom about what happened in the incident that left her with a gunshot wound megan has completely opened up and now

accused tory lanez of pulling the trigger so since y’all hold so worried about it yes this guitary shot me you shot me and you got your publicist

and your people going to these blogs lying and stop lying motherfuckers talking about i hit this i never hit you motherfuckers was like

oh she mad because he’s tropical kylie no i wasn’t like you dry shot me like i’m in the front seat just getting the back seat.

I’ll get out the car i’m done arguing i don’t want to argue no more i’ll get out i’m walking away this from out the back

seat of the car starts showing me .