Kylie Jenner & Cardi B Collab Soon?




Kylie jenner is reportedly in cardi b’s new music video plus tory lanez is allegedly spotted at mcdonald’s amid a shooting investing

starting this one off with justin bieber because he’s rich and took to social media to show that he can afford.

The first edition pokemon cards okay justin we get it yeah but okay recall yesterday we told you about reps for tory lanez debunking

rumors that he was deported from the united states well now rumor has it that the rapper was spotted in a mcdonald’s in orlando.

We can’t show it here but there is currently a clip going viral that allegedly shows tori and a mcdonald’s jumping around and talking to a man

about doing push-ups moving on to diddy tmz reports sean’s son king got in a car accident after a man speeding in a tesla reportedly lost

control and smashed into his ferrari the site says diddy’s sonsuffered injuries but was treated at the scene and didn’t need to be taken to the

hospital as for the tesla driver law enforcement told the site that the man was arrested for a dui switching gears to cardi b recall we

told you yesterday about her new collab with megan the stallion titled wop that is set to drop this friday

the hype for the track got so crazy that fans actually crashed cardi’s site trying to get their hands on the limited

edition vinyls of the track adding to all this it seems that the hype levels are getting higher as tmz

reported and deleted that kylie jenner will be making an appearance in the music.