Katy Perry Reacts To Ellen DeGeneres Drama




Katy perry defends ellen hayley bieber gives new details about her future kids with justin bieber plus billy eilish gushes over childish gambino

starting this one off with ariana grande because she has reportedly starting a bidding war over her sweetener world tour film

according to the sun a number of big companies like netflix and youtube have expressed interest in obtaining the movie with netflix putting forth

a 5.2 million dollar offer ari’s manager scooter braun is leading the negotiations and we’ll be sure to keep you updated so you know.

Which service you can watch on and moving on to haley bieber now the model recently opened up to vogue india about how she and justin

will raise their future children.

She said they will be raised knowing how to treat people why we don’t say certain things and why we respect and acknowledge and give credit where

credit is due switching gears to jb’s besties billy eilish because she recently gushed over childish gambino on a podcast and described him as one of

her all-time favorite creators the moment came while billy and phineus were showing off songs that inspired them and gambino’s song bonfire was

played billy revealed it was the first song she heard from him and possibly the first rap song she’d heard billy added from then on everybody knows

that donald glover is like my all-time favorite creator he’s exactly everything.

I idolize about a creator he’s every single element of what i think is amazing and lastly let’s talk about katy perry because she’s apparently coming to

ellen degeneres’s defense if you didn’t know the popular tv host has been coming under fire lately for allegedly creating a really toxic work environment for

those working on her show adding to this earlier this week it was reported that james corden is being considered for replacing ellen

well katy perry took to twitter to speak out and said i know i can’t speak for anyone else’s experience

besides my own but i want to acknowledge that i have only had positive takeaways from my time with ellen and on the ellen show.

I think we all have witnessed the light and continual fight for equality that

she has brought to the world through her platform for decades sendingyou love and a hug friend of the ellen show.