Justin Bieber Goes Through Baptism With Hailey




69 proves he’s notscared of his enemies takeoff reacts toassault allegations against himplus justin bieber gets baptized

she’s pregnant so congrats to her adding o this the singer clapped back at a fan who tried to dig deep into her personal

life and said quote happy for you does your husband have a job or do you take care of him well now’s get to see his son or are you

still fighting kalis responded quote do you have a life a clue facts no you don’t we are favored in fab over here sort yourself out sweetheart

moving on to megan the stallion becauseearlier today she announced she is revlon’s new global brand ambassador

so be prepared to see her a lot more when you go shopping for makeup switching gears from hip-hop announcements to pop announcements

because yesterday lady gaga revealed she has a show a new show on apple music the show is called gaga radio and we’ll have new

episodes each friday this month but the weird thing is why wasn’t the name reversed wasn’t her name inspired by the queen’s song radio gaga.

I feel like it would make more sense that way but what do i know but anyway let’s talk about the

beavers now because they got baptized together yesterday jb took to his instagram to show off photos of the moment and captioned his

post quote the moment my wife and i got baptized together this was one of the most special moments of my life confessing our love and trust

in jesus publicly with our friends and family now switching back to hip hop tmz reports migos rapper takeoff is being

sued by a woman who claims he sexually assaulted her at a party in l.a according to legal docs obtained by the

site the woman says take off made her uncomfortable more than once during her time at the party he then allegedly got in an argument

with the man that invited her and she went into the men’s bedroom to wait it out she then claims takeoff into the room

and assaulted her adding to this the rapper’s attorney told tmz that the allegations are false however the lapd are investigating

the incident at the moment we’ll keep you updated as new updates come out and lastly let’s talk about 69 because despite having a ton of enemies the

rapper was out and about in new york doing a meet and greet with fans as well as passing out 100 bills to

random kids on the street there’s not much else to say here about this story it’s just amazing to me the zero fc continues to give .