Cardi B & City Girls Feud Over Nicki Minaj?




Eminem is the subject of some fake news city girls react to cardi b feud rumors plus chris nolan likes travis scott

starting with kalani recall a couple weeks ago we told you the singer announced she would be removing tory lanez from her song can i

on the deluxe version of her album it was good until it wasn’t well she recently spoke about the decision to do so on a chicago radio

show and said quote as a woman that makes other women feel safe and empowered people were asking me are you gonna keep

someone on it who doesn’t necessarily make us feel safe or empowered as women she continued and not only that but you know the

situation was involving someone that i am extremely close to absolutely i’m changing up the record

and moving on to the baby because the blast reports he’s reached a deal with the concert promoter that sued him according to the docs

obtained by the site the case is officially closed and all claims have been dismissed previously the promoter nothing to

something entertainment were suing the baby for 100 thousand dollars in damages for allegedly.

Skipping out on a scheduled show and getting into a fight with a fan to travis scott now and his new

single the plan which is set to be in chris nolan’s new film tenet a film that travis scott told gq is quote fire adding to this

chris nolan spoke about working with trav and said quote his insights into the musical narrative mechanism

composer ludwig garrison and i were building were immediate insightful and profound his voice became the final piece

of a year-long puzzle now let’s move on to city girls the duo has been the subject of some cardi b feud rumors and they decided to clear

that up speaking on the morning hustle jt said quote when we talk about nicki minaj we’re not doing some shade at cardi we’re just personally fans.

She continued quote for us to be artists we deserve to be like everybody too it’s not nothing against her it’s not nothing against anybody period

and finally let’s talk about last night’s trending hashtag rip eminem according to complex the trend allegedly started after a user

tweeted quote i have killed eminem luckily the rapper is alive and well and fans took to twitter to slam the hashtag forever

existing users tweeted things like quote don’t y’all dare do a hashtag like this ever again made my damn heart drop while the needle

drops anthony fantano joked about the hashtag and pretended ellen

was eminem.