Shane Dawson Reacts To Tati Westbrook Expose Video




Totti westbrook breaks her silence on James Charles Shane Dawson and jeffree star drama from last year tata Westbrook is at it again and this time

she is calling out Shane Dawson and Geoffrey star over last year’s James Charles drama in the new video titled

breaking my silence talk to explain some point after her feud with James Charles they met up and compared screenshots

text and information to make sense of what happened eventually they made up and taught the apologize to him James

apparently said he would even join Tati in her new video to support her but she declined the offer and felt it was

necessary to do it alone Tati then began to call out Shane and Jeffries star and claims they fed her poisonous lies about

James Tati also says Shane told her horrific allegations about James Charles and apparently told her James was a monster and that he was hurting – doctor

goes as far as to say Shane offered to help produce and edit her original expose video on James later she revealed.

The drama has taken such a toll on her that she’s relocated and increased security measures and is fearing for her own safety sake then also mentions

Geoffrey is allegedly a co-owner of Morphy and James was apparently going to have an entire cosmetics line with the

owners of the company before everything happened oh my god you are so manipulative your face your fake crying you are fake crying you aren’t fake

crying that is not real oh my god oh my god oh my god I was molested.

I had bit oh my gosh that is not oh my god video bye sister oh my god I texted

Shane shared my concerns for James Charles .