Rob Kardashian Reacts To Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Dating Again




Kardashians this kardashian’s that kardashian’s here kardashian’s there the kardashians are everywhere to khloe kardashian now recall that she

recently posted a cryptic message which seemed to be a response to reports about her rekindling her romance with tristan thompson.

not a secret just not your business

She wrote on her instagram stories quote and despite her response fans were not thrilled about

chloe seemingly getting back together with tristan while we are hearing exclusively their relationship is still being worked on regarding

their status chloe refers to tristan as true’s dad when she talks about him to other people.

She wishes people would stop worrying about what’s going on between her and tristan but at the end of the dayshe doesn’t really care what

people think she’s happy and her daughter is happy and that is all that matters to her when it comes to the kardashians they’re

not going to hold a grudge when chloe’s starting to forgive him they are reacting to her pace specifically with rob we’re hearing his

relationship with tristan has also improved since the whole cheating scandal and the two men have been bonding over their daughters

dream and true are so close and they love having playdates so rob and tristan are often on daddy duty together on those days.

He sees that tristan has gone out of his way to treat chloe with respect and made an effort to get to know rob on a personal level we’re hearing

kylie’s birthday trip brought them even closer together because they were able to spend more one-on-one time together

and rob is happy to have a real friendship with tristan but okay while coco’s love life is improving her relationship with fans has

become a bit shaky lately especially when it relates to accusations of face tuning recently fans began to call her out after

comparing her instagram pics to video clips of her and a new teaser for keeping up her face does look significantly different

however chloe has a tough skin i’m sure she’s already forgotten about the mean comments although the one tweet

referencing game of thrones is kind of brutal but guys that’s it for today comment

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