Logan Paul Reacts To Shane Dawson Drama




logan paul reacts to the shane dawson drama plus david dobrik apologizes for insensitive videos

shane dawson drama we call Shane Dawson’s taking accountability video was hit with hundreds of thousands of dislikes his channel has reportedly lost over 400k

subscribers and he himself has deleted over 1 billion views worth of videos and speaking of getting rid of videos Gabby

Hanna is deleting all of her collabs with Shane in a tweet Gabby said for those questioning the disappearance of

40 million views on my channel last night adding to this Shane has reportedly been taken out of more feet

target stores and has had all of his monetization suspended on all channels now Logan Paul reacted to the Shane

Dawson and the jenna Marbles situation in a new episode of his podcast here’s what he had to say – he’s got a weird

reepy past with fucking pedophilia like geeky kids and and and and sexualizing animals in a weird way we had the coming on the cat thing.

I’ve seen yeah I’m looking at a thread here of him like making out with dogs and like sticking his face in their crotch and people can

change but at what point at what point is that who he is is that what is that what the is the point of contention here with Shane Dawson cuz again I don’t I

don’t follow him I’m not so invested in this but I know this one’s bad I don’t I don’t know how much coming back there is

from this he’s big in a podcast let’s talk about david dobrik because in a recent episode of views he apologized

for his past insensitive comments and promised to do better David said I know it sounds cheesy and I hate saying it but every video I make every Instagram I

post everything I do I just want t cheer someone up he continued I think for a while I was just like I’m the goof

that’s all I have but I think there are parts of this where I need to be more serious I want to be a good role model for people

watching am ashamed and embarrassed for the things I did and some of the videos and vines or whatever.

I was doing and I genuinely feel awful about it from there David went on to apologize and said I just want to say

that if there’s a kid who saw something for me and it didn’t make them feel welcomed or it just made them feel

uncomfortable I’m sorry I did not even mean to make anyone feel out of place a genuine they just wanna I genuinely just

want to make you have a good time and I’m going to do that from here on out I’m going to do a better job at it.