Jake Paul Slams KSI For Saying Desiigner Writes His Songs




His eye and jake paul are at each other’s throats as usual plus tana mojo and erica costell respond to the backlash after partying together

they were partying together and now fans are pissed because they did so during during the pandemic fans were also upset because in a video they

stated we don’t even care sorry which fans assumed was about partying without face masks however it seems the reference was about

their connection to jake and how they’re not gonna let a man get in the way of their possibly dope friendship the two have since released.

A lengthy apology for not respecting social distancing now let’s get to ksi and jake paul versus nate robinson

not long ago it was revealed that jake paul has decided to go ahead and box former nba star nate robinson on the mike tyson vs roy

jones jr undercard so now we have jake going up against an actual athlete instead of someone whose signature moves

was the stinky leg and the backwards crabwalk but while nate may have good hands on the court we don’t know if he has them in the ring

anyway ksi reacted to the news of their fight in his latest video and seems to be just as curious as the rest of us although he thinks that jake might have

the advantage just because of his prior boxing experience and speaking of ksi he and jake were really going at it on social media

which comes as no surprise to any of usi’m not going to read every message they sent each other because i love my life too much

and i respect your time but here’s the gist jake and ksi noticed they had music videos released.

The same day so they decided to go at each other’s digital throats about which one will get the most views on youtube spoiler alert jake paul ended up getting more views

okay so i even reacted to jake’s new song fresh out of london and gave him props however ksi sodium intake hit its peak

because at some point he slammed jake claiming he had other people write the lyrics for the new track

and specifically called out designer jake fired back and revealed that the credits that ksi showed off were inaccurate and claims to

be the sole writer of the song then jake took a step too far claiming ksi didn’t write his own music by posting credits that showed beat

makers and producers in the end instead of just giving each other daps the two ended up becoming that spider-man meme

claiming the other uses ghost riders instead of just acknowledging their music has vastly improved over the years.