Jake Paul Breaks Silence On FBI Raid




Jjake paul breaks his silence on the fbi raiding his house and the graffiti mansion in las vegas some breaking news as jake paul has

finally responded to the fbi reign on his house and azadi armani’s graffiti mansion in vegas recall the fbi searched their homes with

several armed troops and guns were reportedly confiscated from jake’s team 10 house although it’s speculated they were mostly airsoft

guns while the warrant was sealed it was later revealed the fbi was visiting to confiscate the weapons and they were merely taken away for

protection later that day the fbi issued a statement saying the raid was related to an alleged arizona looting the state then dropped.

The case against jake and his team while the fbi continued their own investigation updates on this story have been scarce and even jake’s brother logan has

remained mom about what has been going on which has caused a lot of speculation well just recently jake paul seemed to have posted

and then deleted a video breaking his silence on the raid jake says the raid was strictly about the situation in arizona and he revealed.

He’s cut ties with certain people in his life many fans speculated that he’s talking about armani after he unfollowed him on instagram before unfollowing everyone

else with the exception of mike tyson and the fbi jake also says he doesn’t have room for people doing malicious things in his life and he’s currently

focused on his upcoming fight against nate robinson which has been pushed to november 28th we’ll see if more comes from this story, bye guys.