Jaden Smith Slams Shane Dawson Over Viral Willow Smith Video




Saint dawson is slammed by the Smithfamily plus PewDiePie reacts tojennamarbles quitting YouTube now let’s start this one off with dr.

disrespect who has reportedly even permanently banned on twitch the news Brooke Friday afternoon when people

began to notice that Doc’s page didn’t exist anymore at first many people believed there was just a temporary suspension similar to last year’s

punishment for broadcasting in a public bathroom during e3 however industry analysts Rob breasts law tweeted that sources have confirmed

the ban to be permanent at the time of this recording there’s still no concrete reason for Doc’s ban only speculation

doctor disrespect reacted to the news on Twitter and confirmed that he has also not been given a reason for the twitch

decision but thanked fans for their continued support but ok let’s switch gears and talk about jenna Marbles

recall last week we told you the og youtuber uploaded an 11 minute video addressing and apologizing for her past problematic videos throughout the veg

and I explained it was never her intent to hurt anyone with her content and by the end he revealed she’s not having fun.

Anymore therefore she’ll be stepping away from her channel until further notice and while Jenna stance on her channel was made clear many fans still

questioned the fate of her shared podcast with her boyfriend Julian sulamita well Julian took to Twitter on Friday to

address the situation and said we don’t have a definite answer for you right now but we kindly asked for some time and

space to figure it all out however long that takes Julian went on to explain that he’s excited for Jenna’s new chapter and thanked fans for their

continued support he ended his statement by revealing he too will be stepping away from the internet until further notice in order

to make Jenna his priority and let’s say go Jennifer a few more seconds because PewDiePie took to his community page

last week to rant about her departure pute said jenna Marbles was one of the most genuinely good people on this

platform and now she gets bullied off the site by mistakes that happened each and years ago who cares these actions

reflect in no way who she is and the content she makes today anyone who watches her can see that PewDiePie

continued some things were more lenient a few years ago that’s not to say it was right but where the line is drawn from the past and today it seems non-existent .

I thought the point was to learn from your mistakes and do better we all have problems in our past no one in the world is perfect and last but not least let’s

talk about Shane Dawson’s video taking accountability which he said he was inspired by Jenna’s video throughout the 20 minute video Shane apologizes for his

past offensive content but unlike Jenna’s situation Shane’s video hasn’t been received very well at the time of this reporting

Shane’s video is number one on trending but has over 300 K dislikes shane has reportedly lost over 400 K subscribers

and has deleted over 1 billion views worth of videos from his channel adding to this social media has been on fire

with old clips from shades past resurfacing one clip in particular shows Shane pretending to masturbate to a poster of a vent 11 year old Willow.

Smith her brother Jayden and mother Jada caught wind at the clip and took to Twitter to slam Shane over it it all caps Jayden said Shane

Dawson I am disgusted by you you sexualizing an 11 year old girl who happens to be my sister is the furthest thing

from funny and not okay in the slightest bit meanwhile Jada tweeted to Shane Dawson I’m done with your excuses.