Chris Brown Reacts To Tory Lanez & Megan Thee Stallion Drama




Chris brown reacts to the tory lanez and megan the stallion drama future and lori harvey might have broken up plus trippy red and ksi reveal they are not friends let’s start

with future and lori harvey because it seems like their relationship is over the two are currently fueling breakup rumors by no longer following each other on the gram

at the time of this recording neither of them commented on the rumors but if they are true then shout out to laurie for not joining the future baby mama club she

does not need that drama in her life and speaking of breakups coy larae opened up about her split from trippy red.

On the no jumper podcast and called his song about her quote bullsh koi said it was very like what the f because i always thought we really had

something outside of the music so i’m just like damn if you got something to say let’s get together and you say that to my face but speaking of trippy red it

seems like he and collaborator ksi aren’t getting along anymore tensions have been building for months now following trippy training and making

videos with jake paul here is the exchange that took place yesterday on instagram thank you ksi you paid for my studio.

I appreciate you tripping man i’m glad i’m glad i was able to pay for your studio man you know consider it as a gift especially since all you had to do was

just sing for the song and also when you talk about business you fought through my business when you did that video with jay paul.

I’m not your friend i don’t know you i’ma pull up on whoever i want to and that’s how it’s gonna always go i went through it you gonna go through it can’t be mad at

people for not fucking with or fucking with who you don’t fuck with switching gears now to the toy lanes and megan the stallion incident recall

yesterday we told you about tory allegedly liking a post that criticized meg well now there seems to be an unconfirmed update going around that

tori’s creative director who allegedly runs his instagram account has debunked the claims that the rapper liked the post about meg

the director reportedly claims the screenshots were photoshopped and tori’s account never interacted with the post and speaking of the taurean meg drama

chris brown is sick of his name being dragged into it the singer took to social media and said leave my effing name out of someone else’s situation

y’all not gonna involve me in this shit the rest of his statement is a little vulgar and unimportant so i’m just gonna skip that but in conclusion if you couldn’t tell he’s mad.