Chris Brown Reacts To Rihanna Dissing Trump




Camila cabello sort of reacts to the sean mendes breakup rumors plus rihanna the prez and her ex reacts i honestly got a checkup yesterday and

that’s what they told me let’s kick this one off with miley cyrus and her alter ego hannah montana miley recently made an appearance on

carolina with greg t in the morning and revealed that she is down to reprise her role as hannah when talking about the character she said hannah’s just in

storage collecting dust and i’m ready to whip her out miley went on to explain although there isn’t a reunion of the show in the

works she’ll be ready whenever the opportunity presents itself and let’s stick with miley because the newly single singer

recently revealed what she’s looking for in her next relationship so ladies gentlemen get your notes ready

miley said i need boring i definitely definitely need calming i need an anchor i need a weight so forget about being charming or funny

just slide into miley’s dms and bore her socks off switching gears to rihanna recently a video of melania trump refusing to hold

donald’s hand went viral and riri reposted it with her 2016 hit needed me playing in the background she captioned.

The post melania likes art a reference to her post from a couple days ago that featured the spray painted words f

trump a post that chris brown reacted to and moving on to camila cabello now because amid all the breakup rumors swirling about her

and sean she was busy tweeting pics allegedly in sean’s sweater causing fans to hold out hope for the couple however it is unclear when this picture

was taken and if that actually belongs to sean or if it’s something she just got to keep in the breakup or something he

forgot to pack so she put it on the possibilities are really endless .