The Weeknd Slams Michael Jackson Comparisons & Reveals True Meaning Behind ‘Blinding Lights’




Pandas aliens ponies bitcoin and blackberry phones are not mentioned in with your pop star roundup but that’s all about the weekend to abel’s new interview

with esquire the singer opened up about quarantine life which he’s basically loving he’s playing video games watching some films and is writing two screenplays

that he hopes to star in at some capacity although it’s evident he’s thirsting to get back on stage as he describes how different his tour for after hours would have

been from the past during the interview he describes the star boy shows as being one with the fans while after hours would have been all eyes on him and

more like a rock opera with three acts the weeknd also opens up about his tiff with usher after his last interview went viral in which he said many people assumed.

He dissed the singer however abel reveals he offered an apology saying quote i hit him up to apologize and tell him it was misconstrued he’s one of the reasons

why it makes music definitely no no i have nothing bad to say about usher the sweetest most down-to-earth guy ever later on abel almost wants an apology

from blogs for the many comparisons to michael jackson the comments didn’t sit well with him he says quote they were like a backhanded

thing to the comment that didn’t feel genuine it felt like they were setting me up for disaster i wanted to transcend i wanted the music to transcend

at one point the weekend opens up about some of his music and reveals the meaning behind blinding lights apparently linding lights is what one

gets when they’re intoxicated speeding down the road at night to see the one person and you end up getting blinded by the street lights he also reiterates he does

not want to promote drunk driving the interviewer brings up the topic of the weekend’s misogynistic lyrics and abel said it’s a tricky thing

because he’s playing up a character despite him singing and writing the lyrics and it’s never his intent to offend anyone at the tail end of the piece.

The interviewer goes for

the home run to talk about a project it will never really discuss my dear melancholy recall this project is heavily rumored to be about his heartbreak over selena

gomez and bella hadid apparently abel danced around the question and revealed how he was feeling when making the body of work he does say quote the reason why

it was so short is like i think i just had nothing else to say on this whatever it was just this cathartic piece of art and yeah it was short because it’s all i had to say on the situation, bye guys.