Selena Gomez Reveals How Rihanna Hurts Her Love Life




Selena Gomez gushes over Rihanna and Billy eyeless in a new interview press phineas reveals what Billy Eilis question he hates hey guys it’s Allie

for Hollywood Lane with your music roundup started with Mac Miller’s classic mixtape kids finally hitting streaming services so if for some reason

you’ve been ignoring it for the past 10 years stop it stream kids but alright let’s move on to something that surely won’t be a classic little pumps new

album special announcement – we’ll be dropping next month bitch switching gears to Avril Lavigne because she spoke with Entertainment.

Tonight and opened up about reaching out to Justin Bieber after his Lyme disease diagnosis Avril said I just reached out like yo here for you

if you need any advice I can share my knowledge with you he was appreciative of that but I think it seems like he’s doing well Alber went on to say

people like Justin and her self overcoming Lyme disease was the whole inspiration for her new song warrior she said warrior and head above

water were the first two songs I wrote for this album because I was freshly coming out of fighting line so naturally that was what was on my heart I love

that I get to bring us out now and have this whole new meaning and speaking of Justin Bieber James Corden revealed to Joe Jonas why he didn’t drive.

When JV was on carpool karaoke in the convo Joe theorized that there must have been 3,000 girls following Justin and James and they wanted to make

sure they could driven away safely james replied that wasn’t the reason should i tell you the actual reason the genuine reason why i didn’t drive with

justin bieber i had a problem with my eye and we were worried that it wasn’t safe moving on a Phineas because apparently.

He really hates being asked who’s the next Billy Eilish Phineas said well the only version of that question that I can get behind is who is the next

person that will do exactly what they want and be deemed pop music that verbiage I would understand but to me it does a disservice to two things it does

a huge disservice to Billie and that you could be the next Billy he continued it also does a huge disservice to anyone they claim Billy is the next version of

you know what I mean it doesn’t disservice to Lorde it does a huge disservice to Lana but speaking of Billy Selena Gomez opened up about everything I wanted in

hell what makes her so sad first I’ll just say the understanding she already knows of what this industry can become and when I heard that song I just saw

because I’ve been doing this for so long and it’s like damn that’s so true there’s so many moments I was just like oh it doesn’t matter who you are there’s

moments in my life like is this it Selena also recently opened up about her extreme love for Rihanna and hinted that it’s not good for her love life Selena

said I have a whole book dedicated to Rihanna in my living room and it’s not a good idea to have that around when you want guys there but oh well .