Kylie Jenner WAP Cameo To Make Kris Jenner Rich?




Blac chyna reacts to rob kardashian returning to keeping up plus kylie jenner’s wap walk might help kris jenner secure the bag in a very unexpected way now let’s start with

the momager kris jenner because she is now trying to trademark the phrase you’re doing amazing sweetie recall this is an infamous quote from a 2007 episode

of keeping up in which chris cheers on kim in the middle of a photo shoot for playboy magazine.

I’m sure connie’s a big fan of that episode also for the tick tock generation playboy is a magazine that featured nude models not the guy dating iggy azalea

just in case you were confused it’s being speculated that chris’s decision to do this happened after kylie’s cameo and wop went viral and

fans began to create memes using the monitor’s catchphrase but alright less money talk more emotional talk keeping up released a preview clip

showing the family participating in a zoom conference call to check up on each othernear the end of the clip chris is visibly emotional and begins to cry

after revealing her mom mj has been stuck in home for two months prior to kovit due to a hip injury chris then revealed mj was beginning to feel really lonely after

not being able to see the family for a few weeks due to covid and encouraged her daughters to reconnect with her on facetime,

But alright switching gears to blac chyna in a brief interview with 2fab she reminded everyone to subscribe to her only fans check out her new music

and then she did the most shocking thing ever.

She said something nice about rob chyna was asked what she thinks about rob’s rumored return to keeping up and she

said it’s a positive thing she even smiled and seemed genuinely happy for him have a good one.