Kylie Jenner Reacts To Scott Disick & Sofia Richie Break Up




Scott disick and sophia richie break up for good and we have kylie jenner’s reaction to the drama plus tristan thompson tries to convince khloe kardashian to move in

with him on keeping up ,now let’s start off with tristan and chloe recall that the two reportedly are moving in together to work on their relationship well now a

new teaser for keeping up seems to back up those claims when tristan tells chloe she and true can crash in his la pad while her house undergoes renovations

chloe isn’t too sure about it and even scoffs at tristan’s offer to stay in his home forever tristan even tells chloe she can invite whoever she wants over except for

other men which is which is rich coming from him but speaking of rich bad segue sophia richie and scott disick are done for real this time recall they broke up after

the first few weeks of the california lockdowns and then tried dating again sometime after his rehab visit went viral since then tmz reports they’ve

been working on fixing their relationship but apparently not much has improved and they’re done trying to fix it the site also says they’re not even on speaking terms

anymore apparently some of the big factors that went into this was their 15-year age gap and scott’s commitment to courtney and his kids.

Scott wants to kind of live a more quiet life because he’s a senior citizen whereas sophia is young full of energy and you know she wants to get out there

adding to this we’re hearing exclusively sophia isn’t making a huge deal of it though and seems to be doing very well without scott she’s spending her time

with family and close friends and she’s in a good place and just doing her own thing she has a lot of different projects going and she’s been keeping busy and

feels relatively fine and another source told us how the lip kit mogul is feeling about all of this drama we’re hearing exclusively kylie makes it a point to stay

out of scott in sofia’s relationship because she loves them both and doesn’t want to get involved whatsoever kylie has been friends with sofia.

Since they were kids and they’re still on great terms no matter what happens between her and scott when sofia and scott started dating kylie made a decision to stay in

her own lane despite what went on between them she keeps her friendships and family life separate as best as she can and focuses on herself although if

either side wants advice or wants to talk she’s willing to listen because she’s not picking sides.