Kylie Jenner Parties With Travis Scott’s Rumored Ex?




Kylie jenner parties with justin bieber haley baldwin and her exes rumored x plus we have updates on kimi and sophia richie now let’s start this one off

with kim kardashian we’re hearing exclusively she’s been focusing on our legal studies and filming for keeping up since returning to la when it comes to criminal

justice and prison reform kim wants to work closely with the president whoever is elected in november kim’s main concern is helping the people she can

and she knows she has the power to do that now regarding kim and kanye’s relationship woes we’re hearing exclusively kim is not discussing what’s

going on with kanye to her friends and many are scared to bring it up anyway so she’s been trying to keep issues with her husband private

as much as she’s able to really considering kanye isn’t shy about tweeting out private matters onto scott disick and sophia richie because we have more reporting.

After their split our reporters in la are hearing exclusively

after their initial split in may scott and sophia never officially got back together although they did spend some time together to try to work things

out apparently scott was open to the idea of reconciliation but he wanted to focus most of his attention and time on hiskids scott thinks she’s an amazing

person but the age difference started to take a toll and become a bit of a challenge since they’re on just different pages of life at this point we’re also

hearing when it comes to courtney there will be some of that will they won’t pay tension on the show but the co-parents aren’t interested in

each other romantically scott is okay being by himself right now sophia seems to be doing just fine too considering she and some friends were

twerking on a private jet and living it up to celebrate her 22nd birthday on to kylie jenner now because she and kendall jenner were spotted partying at

justin and hailey beeper’s home in beverly hills.

It’s not super newsworthy unless you’re

the type of person who clenches their fist every time a celeb steps outside without a mask on however apparently some photo agencies

selling the pics claim it was a birthday party for justine skye some of you are probably saying so what while others are saying omg

are you for real well if you’re the latter then you recall justine reportedly dated travis scott some time before kylie hooked up with him

some fans wondered if kylie broke girl code and if their relationship was strained because they were spotted not hanging out for a pretty long time

considering kylie and travis are no longer an official item perhaps they worked out whatever differences they might have had if there were really

anything to begin with remember this is fan speculation but all right let us know what you guys think about this in the comments below.