Kourtney Kardashian Reacts To Scott Disick Rehab Info Leak




Khloe kardashian will make you her child sofia richie has found someone new to hang with plus kanye west like spider-man hey guys it’s devontae for hollywoodlife

now let’s start with kanye because despite missing most of the ballot deadlines he’s still pushing for this uhpresidency and that includes deciding to post kanye

2020 vision boards with the likeness ofanna wintour and kirsten dunst you know the original mj from those spiderman films well the actress responded to her

likeness being used in a tweet that said quote what’s the message here and why am i a part of it now i don’t know what raises more questions.

Kanye’s choice to add her to the vision board or her not being able to know the difference between a part and a part switching gears

to khloe kardashian because fans are still coming at her neck saying that she looks different in every photo that she posts well chloe isn’t holding back anymore and

decided to respond to some of her haters including one that commented on her pic quote who is that on the right chloe clapped back saying quote your new

stepmother be nice or you’re grounded not gonna lie the kardashians are getting better at their clapbacks moving on to scott disick and sofia richie’s split recall

they broke up after the first few weeks of the california lockdowns and then tried dating again sometime after his rehab visit went viral since then tmz reports

they’ve been working on fixing.

Their relationship but apparently not much has improved they’re done trying to fix things and they’re no longer on speaking terms as we previously mentioned

we’re hearing exclusively that sofia isn’t making a huge deal out of the split and seems to be doing pretty well without scott she’s spending a lot of time with family

and close friends and is in a good place just doing her own thing you know being young and stuff yolo she has a lot of different projects going on and she’s keeping

busy and feels relatively fine on top of this sofia has told the world that she’s still cool with kylie and the rest of the fam as she posted a pic

on the lip kit mogul’s tennis court seems like the two are still cool and the split wasn’t a fiasco like other ones in the past but wait there’s more we also have


On the lip kimbo’s reaction to scott and sophia’s split working exclusively kylie makes it a point to stay out of scott and sophia’s relationship because she loves

them both and doesn’t want to get involved whatsoever kylie’s been friends with sophia since they were kids and they’re still on great terms no matter what happens

between her and scott when sophia and scott started dating kylie made the decision to stay in her own lane despite what went on between them but

okay as of this recording king big up seems to be taking advantage of the scofia split because they just released a new clip that covers the rehab scandal in the

clip kim kardashian and kourtney kardashian react to scott’s rehab info getting leaked out to the press and apparently he only spoke to his therapist about it before

going however the sisters aren’t exactly sure who leaked the information it’s assumed that someone working within the clinic did so and maybe we’ll get more info

when keeping up returns.