Kio Cyr & Baby J Speak On Olivia Ponton & Devenity Perkins While Leaving Dinner At Saddle Ranch




Yo what up k.o what’s going on bro what’s up buddy doing all right man you’re good good excellent man what what’s going on with you man what’s new

nothing i’m just bothering surviving is it any bit awkward to you that olivia’s here or are you cool with that uh look i’m fine you’re fine with it

yeah so what’s going on with this way house man you guys got a new house we’re just kind of uh kind of living life figured out because you know

oh the house kind of got the power shut down so right right i mean i wasn’t a part of that house but there was a trailer house right is it still shut down.

I don’t know you don’t know i was in florida for a week so really what were we doing out there i was at disney world man really i didn’t even

know they were open back up they’ve been open so okay so check this out so i know you’re done with with olivia and all that who are who are you

like talking to now i’m just staying single just enjoying single life is it single and ready to jingle like addison said no no not ready to jingle okay all right

well hey check this out man halloween’s coming up man what are you gonna dress up for it’s halloween excuse birthday i haven’t thought about my halloween

costume that’s a little bit thought all right we expect something good for you is there going to be a big like party at the uh house i don’t think so i don’t

think you know okay okay that’s what’s up jay what’s going on with you bro what’s going on with you and uh uh divinity how are you guys doing

everybody thank you huh how’s everything going with you what are you what are you guys been up to are y’all working on anything dude

all right well good to see you man take care good to see you guys.