Kim Kardashian Reacts To North West Falling Down In Family Photo




I just watched the movie serenity with matthew mcconaughey and the plot twist has me questioning my entire existence

also we talk about the kardashians

been pretty stagnant lately so now let’s start with blac chyna in a brief interview with two fab

check out her music and then she did the most shocking thing ever she said something nice about rob chyna was asked what she thinks about

rob’s rumored return to keeping up and she said it’s a positive thing she even smiled and seemed genuinely happy for him for a brief moment .

I almost forgot rob and china are currently dragging each other in court speaking of getting dragged kylie kendall justin and haley are making

headlines after they were all spotted partying together without masks and breaking social distancing rules this happened just a few days ago.

But now many fans who were late to the party no pun intended are slamming the celebs some fans are even calling for their house utilities to be

shut off onto kim kardashian now because she just shared a beautiful series of photos of her daughter’s north and shy however the best photo is in the

final slide in which kim reveals the two had fallen off the ledge after posing see modeling is not as easy as it looks even when you’re sitting

down people need to give kylie a little more credit for her whap walklilz wap walk have a good day.