Katy Perry Gives Birth & Brad Pitt Girlfriend Revealed




Katy perry gives birth brad pitt’s no longer a single plus an unexpected euphoria and 13 reasons why crossover goes viral on social media now let’s start

with jacob lordy and tommy dorfman because the two went viral yesterday after jacob was spotted hugging and kissing tommy on the head

the photo’s pretty adorable and a little confusing considering it’s been rumored that jacob and zendaya had a romance brewing however many fans

spoke out and reminded everybody that tommy has a husband still this makes me want to see a euphoria in 13 reasons crossover speaking of dating

rumors is brad pitt seeing an angelina look alike page six reports brad is dating german model nicole polterolsky and they were recently spotted

vacationing together brad i know you’re a fan so if you’re watching this just don’t bother reading those letters you can just go ahead and toss them.

In the trash or the fire pit whatever you want i’ll talk to you later but all right to the biggest news of the day after being pregnant for 10 months katy

perry’s given birth to her baby girl katie in orlando revealed their daughter’s name daisy dovebloom and shared a message which read we are floating

with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter they also use this huge moment to draw attention to unicef and enlighten fans

on the issues going on around the worldand help people that desperately need it right now katie and orlando who are unicep goodwill ambassadors set up a

donation page to celebrate their daughter’s arrival and to support families and children in need.