Justin Bieber Reacts To Jaden Smith Selfie Going Viral




Jayden is in this video justin is in this video the weekend is in this video and james woods is not in this video you

are welcome hey guys it’s ally for hollywoodlife and before we begin we need to give a shout out to blackpink

and selena gomez just heard their new collab ice cream and it is fire i have been playing it non-stop it is going to be

the song of the weekend the week the summer the month the year it’s the only good thing about this year

but okay to the news let’s talk about drake for a moment because some fans expected him to drop his album last

night as academics mentioned grammy’s deadline for 2021 is friday august 28th which speculated rumors that he would be dropping his project in order to compete.

If he releases it after he will only be eligible for 2022 unless there’s a rule changed due to kovitt on top of this drake shared

several instagram stories of his friends showing off their lover boy merch care packages however nothing dropped after

midnight so it seems like we all got hyped for nothing on to liam payne now because the daily mail reports the former one directioner

proposed to maya henry his girlfriend of two years what’s also interesting is liam and maya apparently crossed paths years ago.

During a one direction meet and greet event in 2015. but all right from romance to friendships justin bieber and jaden smith

have been hanging out a lot recently the two besties party together collabs on a new song and now jb is leaving

flirty emojis on jayden’s thirst traps well if they were ever gonna have an entanglement it might as well happen in august

hysterical also side note jaden smith did an interview with jesus and marrow and they discussed their anime show

neo yokio and how fans won’t stop sending them giant toblerones because of that one meme i wish people sent me

giant toblerones instead of edible arrangements without chocolate covered fruits that defeats the whole thing

it’s it’s annoying honestly but all right to the weekend before we hit the weekend see how i was able to

spin that i am funny today the singer just released a new track with calvin harris and it’s a jam however there are

lyrics that have some fans wondering if he’s talking about one of his exes and if so which one in the song able

sings i wish you the best with the life you lead but you always need that attention feed in the press but we don’t speak but

we’re both with somebody else so please stop calling me it’s unclear who the weeknd is referring to.