Hayley LeBlanc Speaks On Her Sister Annie While Celebrating Her Birthday With Corinne, Kheris & More




Okay we got the whole squad up here so it’s your birthday it is it’s actually my birthday dinner you’re not probably not my birthday okay so who is everybody that we have here

this is eliana hi hi this is and this is nice to meet you guys so are you excited for her birthday tonight yes that is so cool i was just watching you guys video

you guys are like a super group or something this is crazy when did you drop this video um well but technically we’re not all in this thing called run the world okay it’s s3 and

another girl named jacqueline okay but we’re like chicken girls basically which is a show on grass yeah wow it’s a digital series so are are all you guys like best friends.

Yes okay we’ve known each other but we’re already down okay are you guys like all on tick tock yeah yeah yeah okay is there like who’s your favorite tick tocker tony lopez

tony rose what about um i don’t know i like i like funny people i’m not saying that anyone else is not funny but okay okay i recognize him are you one of gavin’s friends

yes okay are you guys friends with gavin um okay and you have a big sister right i do okay how’s she doing she’s doing well okay i saw they were trying to like hate on her on

tick tock room a little bit they were that’s kind of ridiculous though i mean i mean she wrote an apology and she’s learned a lot from it so yeah do you feel like that once you

get kind of famous that there’s like pressure and stress that people like always want you to be perfect and stuff i mean yeah there’s a lot and she’s been like everyone deals with

that so really now you guys are pretty young are you all dealing with it okay i mean like how’s everything going with you guys i didn’t i didn’t he didn’t finish the question i know

everything’s going good for everybody yeah yeah good okay is there any like influencer that you haven’t worked with

that you want to work with charlie i like that so we got avonie charlie and addison okay okay all right now we got to be quick up here guys so do you have like one last message

that you want to give to your fans watch chicken time y’all said like 10 different things that’s chicken girls it’s coming out september 8th that’s right.

what is chicken girls um acting on right now on youtube chicken girls so everybody’s unanimous on chicken girls okay all right well that’s what’s up i

love you guys music video happy birthday and have fun.