Gigi Hadid & Zayn Baby Gender Revealed




Gigi hadid pregnant zayn malik is the daddy chrissy teigen is reacting and we know the baby’s gender let’s get to it now to VG expecting a mini zg soon TMZ reported

yesterday that gigi is with child and the father is her on-again off-again boyfriend.

Zayn Malik the site reports Gigi is 20 weeks along and the families are both really excited Gigi recently celebrated her 25th

birthday with Zayn and Bella at her family’s farm in Pennsylvania fans also noticed that the birthday balloons had pink and blue ribbons leading them to

believe it could have also been a gender reveal well no need to guess if they’re having a boy or a girl because apparently a source spilled the tea to

TMZ and Gigi and vain are reportedly expecting a girl adding to this Us Weekly reports that this is something Gigi and Zayn have always wanted together

the man claims Gigi has always wanted to start a family with Zayn and they’ve talked about it before this is all great news but the best thing to come

out of this has probably been chrissy teigen reaction on Twitter.

Chrissy tweeted Gigi Hadid is pregnant and Gigi from Shaw’s had her baby today it’s a big day for Gigi’s congrats to the Gigi she added F I don’t know if

it’s true I just read TMZ like all of you shit I have no idea I just saw it was trending but Shaw’s Gigi and F had a baby lol celeb they’re just like us

on to Gigi’s dad reacting to the news because apparently it’s news to him Mohamed Hadid spoke to algid Eid TV via Instagram live and when asked about the

rumors he responded saying normally I don’t talk about Family Affairs in public so let’s leave it alone for now I have to get used to a lot of things so

let’s keep that conversation for the next time he also reveals he hasn’t spoken to Gigi since the news came out and said quote if she is I’ll be very

happy just as long as the baby is healthy and she’s healthy that’s all I care about I’ll be very proud of her if she has one as of now I’m not sure so

that’s why I can’t give an answer hmm but alright guys.