Bella Thorne To Make Onlyfans Movie After Earning $1,000,000




Bella Thorne has a lot of fans Jeffrey Starr claps back at haters on twitter plus daniel silva is sentenced in the death of corey la berr hey guys it’s ally for

Hollywoodlife with your tick tock roundup with a little bit of Youtube news recall earlier this year Youtuber Corey Laberry was tragically killed in a car crash

on his 25th birthday the driver former inc master star Daniel Silva was reportedly charged with second-degree murder and last month silva pled no

contest to vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence now tmz reports silva has been sentenced to 365 days in county jail with 216 days credit 250

hours of community service and five years probation.

Silva was also sentenced to four years in a state prison but that sentence has been suspended switching gears to some relationship

rumors because fans are convinced Jeffree star and Andre Marhold are dating some fans took to social media to speculate about the possible romance while

others just slammed jeffrey and andre well the beauty tuber clapped back at the haters and said i know it’s devastating news for

some people but i don’t give money to anyone i’m dating or anyone who’s asking me work on your own insecurity sits i’m not the problem to bella

thorne now because she’s only making bank with only fans and she hasn’t even gone nude it’s been reported bella has earned over one million dollars.

In the first 24 hours which is a record for the

website the page costs about 20 for a monthly subscription and the actors claim she’s actually earned up to 2 million after making the account several days ago

this follows a new wave of celebs like cardi b who are using only fans to share more intimate moments with fans without having to get intimate

if you know what i mean bella told la time she plans on using the account to conduct research for a new movie she’s working on with the director of the florida

project considering some movies are premiering straight to video on demand sites i wonder if they’ll decide to premiere on only fans for only fans i mean

that would be kind of genius right.